I'm engaged!

I met him back in 2009, through friends in a library. We spoke for just a few minutes and it never crossed my mind that we would ever be where we are now. All the years in between are such a big blur.  We met during an age of life when we weren't aware of every moment and opportunity that passed us by.  People fell in love all of the time. They impulsively made decisions based off of how their heart felt in the moment, and what (they thought) they needed. They rushed into things and didn't take the time to really focus on whether or not that person they were spending time with is good for them. We are now living in an era where people have become so dependent on each other that they can't stand on their own. The beauty in our story is that we have always been separated. People always pitied us because of the distance, but that is the exact reason why we are perfect for each other. We have realized our worth and our standards have been built to an extent where we won't settle for anything less. I am extremely thankful to have been blessed with someone who is so genuinely wonderful on his own.  Being together has only built upon the foundation of what we have already created for ourselves. With him, it's just different, & today is the day that we found out: We are getting married.