How To: Mini Halloween

 I usually go all out for Halloween. Last year, I was Poison Ivy and hosted a Halloween party, and a couple of years before I was out with friends as Cleopatra.  This year, time literally passed me by leaving me no room to plan for one of my favorite excuses to get a little silly.  Once I realized that October was almost over, I figured I would at least pay tribute with a mini celebration using pumpkins (you know how much I love them).  So just for this week, our house is filled with pumpkin chocolate chip whoopie pies & vampire pumpkins. It's a nice little twist of Halloween decoration and dessert without wasting all that time.
**Butter should be at room temperature**
**Buttermilk & egg should be at room temperature**
**Instead of making filling, I needed a reason to test out 
Publix Pumpkin Pie Ice cream. For the record,
I have no regrets.**

Have a happy Halloween everyone!

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