Copy Cat: Mesa Verde

There's a local salad place in Charleston that only uses fresh ingredients to customize your very own "perfect salad".  While Verde took a few tries to get my ideal lunch order, the concept of seeing what you put into your healthy meal is sometimes more than you could ask for. For those who have been to Charleston, it's sometimes a huge pain to get to a store or restaurant located on King St. because of all the traffic.  The solution to my cravings of this salad (without all of the time wasted trying to find parking) was to make my own.  The key to this recipe is to make sure the dressing is as close to the one in store as possible.  Thankfully, after a few tries, I think I've managed to get the salad to my exact liking.

^I like to toss the black beans & corn
together in a skillet for a charred-like flavor^
This is a very simple vinaigrette, but I love how fresh it tastes
with the limes and cilantro
1/2 cup olive oil, 2 limes, handful of chopped cilantro,
2 chopped adobo chipotle chile peppers, 2 tsp crushed garlic,
1 tsp of cumin, salt & pepper
Finish constructing the salad with an extra squeeze of lime juice
as well as crushed tortilla chips (which aren't pictured)

*Here is the actual Mesa Verde at Verde*
**I left out the grape tomatoes in this recipe**