The Happiness Project

Throughout my time as a blogger, I have really tried to emphasize the importance of happiness in my posts.  From a psychological standpoint, it is so important to be able to see the silver lining in everything we do on a daily basis.  The reality is that there is so much to be thankful for, and there is so much to admire about this life.  If our minds focus so much on the negative, it would be impossible to live a life that we deserve to live.  My first post on happiness dates back to 2012 when I talked about being able to pinpoint 5 specific things that bring happiness to our life.  Friends took some time to send me some of their thoughts (and I posted them), and it seems as though being able to realize the little things in life really made all the difference.  Overtime, it has become more and more apparent to me that the happy thoughts we have in our life should be recognized on a weekly (or even daily!) basis.  I attempted something like this before with my one good deed a day challenge, and then realized that good deeds should not be bragged about.  Happiness on the other hand, should be bragged about... and this is where the project begins.
While I do incorporate 5 things from the week that really bring a smile to my face, this project will focus on happiness as a whole.  Each week will require a few minutes of time to self reflect and focus on what really makes us happy.  Based on the book by Rachel Kempster & Meg Leder, here's a cheers to something new, and the hope of being able to find joy in the little things!