Presents from the Middle East

As some of you may know, I usually take a trip between the months of June and August to Jordan. This year, I wasn't as fortunate to do so because of my summer classes, but my family made it there and came back about a week ago.  I always ask for specific things like spices or seeds, but this year they brought me back a little something extra (not surprised).  It's really special to say that I have these little treasures from half way around the world, and it was really comforting to have a taste of home that I've missed so much. As always, a big thanks to them for always thinking of me.
Just like Carrie from Sex and the City, I really wanted a necklace that had my name on it.
What better way to embrace this than to write it in Arabic?
This comes from Saudi Arabia- Snake oil for the hair + skin.
Market street buys of Chanel
Beautifully colored dress to just throw on
Mini salt + pepper shakers from Turkey.
And last, but never least, all the Palestinian attire that I could ever ask for.

Coming soon: A beautiful Palestinian dress from one of my favorite people ever.
Nada, I love you so much!