Nail Art: Deep Red + Nude

Generations before ours considered painted and polished nails to be a sign of growth, maturity, and elegance.  We've come such a long way from french manicures and natural nails, with bursts of bright neon colors and deeper blues that years before us would consider to be very childish.  Looking back on the Fall 2014 runway, it's looking like deep reds and extreme nudes are making a re-appearance but in a much elaborated way. One of the most recurring trends these past few years is the idea of nail art, but it seems like not everyone is convinced on the idea.  While it may not be preferred by some, it has become such an iconic trend in the fashion industry, and is starting to symbolize a personality characteristic of being light-hearted and whimsical.  If you're like me (or my mother), you probably are unsure of taking such a big risk like gluing studs to your nails.  After much searching, I've come up with a guide on how to incorporate such a fashion forward craze that can be tailored to your most comfortable pace.
Start off simple- a french manicure feel with a little pop of color. 

This is referred to as the "half moon" 
Last fall, I was really into the half moon reversed french.
Skyfall looks a little dark, but looks completely different on the nail.

This seems a little bold for someone who is unsure about nail art,
but if you're going to do it you can try to go big with two of my personal
favorite nail polishes: Single Ladies & Good as Gold.

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