Bohemian Bull | Charleston, SC

If you drive a little ways down Folly Road, you'll come across a place called Bohemian Bull. It's a tavern that exists right before you get to Folly beach, and if it weren't for all of the wonderful reviews, I probably wouldn't have ever tried it out.  It came to mind right after we were confronted with a long wait time at a restaurant near the beach, and it was a nice surprise.  The colorful benches outside give you an easy-living feel, and although its a few miles away from the beach, it makes you feel like you're a few feet away.  The string of lights brighten up at night time as well, giving it a back porch like make over.  Also-- during the day you should ask the bartender for beanbags because they have a designated space for two different games of corn hole.
While the atmosphere was exactly what we were looking for, the food didn't disappoint either.  We ordered a variety of different menu items, and we couldn't stop ourselves from sharing each others meals.  The vegetarian options were great as well, especially my favorite side item- fried okra.
^^Any salad can turn into a wrap! This one is my favorite.^^
^^I always recommend this for the meat lover.  
The cheese on top is pepper jack pimento (YUM) and the 
ribeye is sliced with barely any fat on it.  
Making this the meal I always recommend to the first timers^^
^^Also topped with sour cream^^
^^A big kid grilled cheese sandwich with pimento cheese... and chili.^^
Oh, and those onion rings are great too.

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