Link Crazy

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I've been slacking, I know. I actually went back to Columbia this past weekend to spend some quality time with my parents, considering they are getting ready for their adventures for the summer.  In all honesty, I haven't been doing much.  These days you can find me curled up onto the couch and binge watching House of Cards on Netflix.  I never thought I'd see the day where I couldn't stop watching a show like that.  It's kind of nice to not think about anything, especially because this weekend will bring lots of activities (hopefully it doesn't rain!) and friends coming to town.  As I drink my morning coffee, I've come across these links that I love. 
1.  This blogger has taken "playing with their food" to a whole new level.
2.  I love animated films.  This one is about a man's best friend, and how he will always look out for him.
3.  What country in the world best fits your personality? Mine is Paris (I'm such a romantic).
4.  Two cultures come together in a collection of photos of their children. Beauty in it's simplest form & the future of America.