Everything will be Alright

Overall, I try to keep my ducks in a row (aka my -ish together) and I'll have to say that I'm pretty decent at starting my day from an optimistic perspective... but I don't always have those days.  Sometimes right after I wake up in the first couple of moments I start to have a bad day.  Unfortunately, I'm a big (ok, HUGE) worrier.  If something could potentially go wrong, I'm probably going to worry about it.  Those days, I hate more than anything, and while I am the prime candidate to boost anyone's self esteem on days like these, I have an extremely hard time taking my own advice.  Sometimes one thing after another piles up on top of each other and it becomes too much to handle.  Sometimes days like these happen consecutively, and on those days I just can't seem to find the silver lining in anything (like right now, the power just went out, and I'm actually typing this blog post without internet). Ugh, I hate days like these. I also hate when people tell me it's going to be okay.  I know it will be, but right now I don't want to believe it.  Sometimes I want to just shout out "My problems are real people!!!" and yes it will be okay blah blah blah but right now I'm having a pity party, and that should be ok right? I'm using this blank canvas as an outlet.  A place that I can look to when I do feel that bad & I can look at this and see that my "not worried self" is telling my "worried self" that these are the reasons why it will be okay.  
Tough times come, but they also go.  
Thankfully my "sadness spells" don't stay for a long time, but if they happen to be 
lingering longer than usual, I always remember that while this is a bad time 
there are also good times.  It can't rain forever.  Feeling sad is not a 24/7, 
and the only direction from feeling extremely down is to start feeling up.
I hate this one.  Life is unfortunate sometimes, and we deal with deaths, health, and 
painful situations that can make us all feel like things are crumbling down around us.  
Pain is always temporary. The feelings of heartache are the worst of the worst at the time they happen, but is always temporary.  The most difficult part is to see the futuristic point of view.
Have you ever heard Baz Luhrmann's Sunscreen Speech? If not, you need to.  
One of the greatest lines is "Worry, but know that worry is as effective
as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubblegum."  
This couldn't be more true,and more applicable to me.  
Some argue that worrying is my greatest  weakness & strength.
I just see it as my greatest weakness, and need to spend some more time working on it.  Worrying
is like running in place.  You don't go anywhere.  It may make you feel better to let 
some of your emotions out, but in the end doesn't help.  Worrying contributes to so many
negative outcomes on health and happiness, and is something that needs to be looked
at as pointless.  Which it is.
You can take this as spiritual/religious as you want to, but in the end it's true.
If it can't be handled, maybe we wouldn't be around to face it.

Everything will be okay, right?
Even if it isn't though, at least I will be.