Carolina Sunsets

One of the most beautiful things about summertime in Carolina are the jaw-dropping views in the skies.  As I was sifting through my phone over the weekend, I realized that my photo album is home to so many sunset pictures that I had taken over the past few months.  Why is it that I'm so drawn to them? Everyone is guilty of snapping a few shots and throwing them on their Instagram or Facebook account, but the reality of it is that I really do love them... and appreciate them.  Sunsets are constant reminders that our day is coming to an end.  It is the introduction to night time, but it also symbolizes the appreciation for another day.  It gives us a chance to remember to be thankful that we are around to see such beautiful things.  In a way, they give us hope.  Days come and go, and seeing a painting-like view in the sky gives us a small sense of serenity.  Tomorrow is a new day and can be shaped into any kind of day that I want it to be.  It's amazing to realize how quickly we overlook something so wonderful by just assuming we will see it again.  We lose sight of living in the moment and the opportunities in front of us, and that we may not be as blessed to see them again.
سبحان الله