Brunch at The Charleston Place Hotel | Charleston, SC

We all know how much I love to brunch, especially in Charleston. Magnolias, Eli's Table, Hominy Grill... finding different places around town have just been so much fun.  Surprisingly enough, my favorite place to go is actually the only place we used to brunch (before I moved), and that's at The Palmetto Cafe in the Charleston Place Hotel.  Ever since I was a little girl, this hotel was the best place to eat breakfast and brunch.  We would leave our town to come see the beautiful sites of Charleston, making sure we arrived early enough to eat here.  On special occasions (like my sister's birthday), we like to go sit on what seems to be a glass covered terrace, to enjoy the company of friends and the beautiful atmosphere around us.  They serve a great breakfast menu on the weekdays, but on Saturday and Sunday they have a phenomenal brunch buffet that includes eggs, omelets, grits, potatoes, french toast, and the list goes on. They even have a separate area for coffee and tea time.  The perfect place to spoil yourself with a meal, and the perfect place to visit if you'd like to get just a glimpse of Charleston.
^^Eggs benedict with filet mignon^^
^^Scrambled eggs + fresh fruit^^

^^Delicious and nutritious oatmeal^^
^^French toast^^

PS; On my previous post, chicken and waffles.

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