Unique Balloon Ideas

I love balloons. Back in 2012, I did a post on a few things that make me happy and balloons were one of them.  Every time I'm in charge of planning a special occasion, I try and incorporate balloons as much as I can.  Last year, I surprised my sister with a few clear balloons that were inflated with confetti.  This year, I'm going to try some other ideas on for size.  With so many different occasions coming up this summer, it's nice to have a small gathering spiced up with some balloons. Here are some of my favorite (unique) balloon ideas that would take any party up a notch.
1.  Confetti filled clear balloons (recommendation: find big pieces of confetti).
2.  Balloons covered in tulle with a corsage or ribbon at the bottom.
3.  Glow in the dark balloons! Glow sticks added before air.
4.  Colorful pom-poms glued to the outside of white balloons.
5.  Just a bunch of balloons hanging upside down over the party table!
6.  Shimmery pastel balloons pinned to a wall.