Folly Beach Daze

Rumor has it-- the waters have turned blue at Folly Beach in Charleston. I made a promise to myself during the harsh snowy winter that I would spend more time at the beach this summer.  While school has been out, I've fulfilled my promises and have been down there 4-5 times (& it'll keep going!) The weather has been perfect.  It's been hot enough to get a nice tan, but breezy enough to make you want to stay on the beach longer than 2 hours. Sometimes it's nice to head out there to get my mind off of things.  Lately, my head has been clouded with thoughts on life after graduate school- what am I going to do? Where am I going to live? Is this the end of my educational career? All of these thoughts are starting to give my brain a hard time. When all else fails, I like to head out to Folly to clear my mind.  It's actually quite convenient that the water has changed colors at the perfect time.
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