Five Things

This cake was made for me about a month ago now {wow- thank you soo much Sura!} in celebration for passing my huge exam that I had been studying for all semester.  The end of spring really had some life changing moments for me- I advanced into upper level of my Master's program & even got an article published on anxiety.  I guess it's weird because I don't see myself being so far away from high school, but I guess time really does fly by without even knowing it. Summer has been great so far.  Carolina has been a relax-blessing with clear blue skies, warm sand, and festivals to ring in the fabulous weather.  Sometimes as I'm driving over the connector I wonder why other people don't come to this city and realize they want to be here forever. 

Beautiful bouquet of flowers from my awesome parents.
Tiger lilies just warm my heart so much.
Made a batch of strawberry cheesecake cookies for this
bodacious red head.  Also, gift tags are my favorite right now.
These distressed Zara skinny jeans  have been fitting like a glove.
I love pairing them with pointed toe pumps (above are Jessica Simpson).
After importing photos from my mom's phone, I found this gem from New York and NYFW. 
Reminiscing on our favorite breakfast place, Alice's Tea Cup.