Life Updates

This April has been the most stressful month of graduate school so far.  A handful of tests are being given all around the same week (it's coming up!) so the days at my house have been non-stop studying sessions.  I will say that every time I seem to find a break, I make sure it's being spent in a way that will justify why I'm not home studying (like going to the beach); & in my defense the Carolina's finally caught on to spring and kind of sped into summer.  It's hard to sit indoors all day when so much beauty is going on outside.  Because I haven't had the time to venture out and take pictures/bake like I usually do, here's a little update on what's been going on with me other than studying.
The South Carolina Psychological Association had a research conference in Myrtle Beach 
a few weekends ago.  I always forget how close Myrtle Beach is to me now, and it reminded
me of that time I was in Garden City two years ago. My colleague and I were fortunate enough 
to present research on an anxiety measure that we created, and won first in the graduate 
division.  As much as I despise tooting my own horn, he deserves an overload of credit & 
recognition for the award.  PS; it's also being published into a journal, so we are pretty pumped!

I finally ran into Bill Murray.  Apparently, you aren't a resident of Charleston until you see him.
Sunday called me over to Folly Beach where I got to have a delicious 
Folly Cheese Steak from The Bohemian Bull.

A couple of Mondays ago I had sweet friends come into town where we spent our (rainy) 
off-day at Red's Ice House.  As you know, I almost always order the crab legs.

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