Be proactive, not reactive

Yesterday, I was on the phone with a friend having a pre-freak out (that's when I know I'm about to freak out, but I'm not really doing it yet) about school and all of the hullabaloo that I have going on this month.  I started thinking about all of the deadlines I need to meet before the end of April, and how I feel like I have no time to get them all finished by then.  Granted, it is only the beginning of April, so my friend says to me: What do you mean you don't have any time left? You are being proactive, not reactive.
That's an interesting concept that I never really thought about, and as I was listening on the phone I realized... I do have a lot of time left and the fact that I've been thinking about these things months in advance means that I'm actually well prepared for everything that was headed my way. 
 And if you know me personally, you know that means I probably thought about this a little longer... and realized that this whole idea of being proactive can actually be generalized to so many parts of life.  Later that night I spoke with another friend about her relationship, and the constant pattern it keeps falling into. That made me realize that a lot of girls now a days do that.  They stay with someone even when they went through the non-negotiables, even when they know it isn't going to work.  Why do people do that?  Is it because they are scared? Is it because they have grown too dependent on people that they don't know how to be alone? Or do they not even know why?
My advice to those people is be proactive. Situations like those are just becoming "seasoned"... meaning that the longer it sits around and waits, the more it's going to hurt someone later. And because you know it's going to end, the pain is only inevitable.

No. Fix it, before it breaks.  
And then maybe you'll spend less time being sad, and more time being happy. 
More time being happy = more time being awesome. 

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