These Past Few Weeks

March has been fabulous so far.  The past couple of days have given us (the Carolina's) rotten weather, but the days leading up have been great.  These past few weeks have given me the opportunity to see old friends, eat new food (my fave), and travel short distances on the weekends.  It's exciting to think that the best of March is still yet to come, with weather changing and spring break ahead! 

My dad is something-obsessed with paella... & after traveling to Spain he's got me hooked as well.  I got my fix from Coast Bar & Grill but another place that serves it in Charleston is Barsa Tapas, Lounge, & Bar
Ringling Brothers & Barnum & Bailey's circus came to town (and still is in town) & I haven't seen "The Greatest Show on Earth" since I was a little kid.  Walking into the coliseum flashed me back to all of the times that I begged my parents to buy me snow cones and cotton candy just to watch the elephants in the ring.  Surprisingly, although I'm not 8 anymore, I still enjoyed it just as much.
It's absolutely impossible to take natives from Syria to a place where they serve real Middle Eastern food.  The best place so far is Leyla Charleston on King.
For the past few years, I've been trying to plan a half-birthday because I'm always out of the country on my real one.  This peanut butter caramel cheesecake was a gift from a friend as an attempt to celebrate my un-birthday.
Some of my favorite people came to town and we all ordered some kind of -ccino after walking around the city.  In Charleston, you want to go to Kaminsky's, and their Nestle Toll House pie is what inspired my s'mores one.
When we were growing up, my roommate's mom used to always make us either cinnamon rolls or wild berry muffins for breakfast after sleepovers.  As I was cruising the aisles at the grocery store, I came across them & decided to make a nostalgic breakfast after one of my sorority sisters stayed the night. 
 I always love when I have visitors in town, but one of my favorite people to hang out with is one of my best friends from college.  We constantly indulge on food together and always have something in-depth to talk about.  That's the best part about my best friends.  Hundreds of miles may separate us, but nothing ever changes.