Take me to Hominy Grill | Charleston, SC

I hate having to be up early for something when it's raining outside.  Lately the rain has been synonymous with the cold weather, so when I see fit I just grab a pair of boots and my rain jacket and I'm on my way.  Usually on Sundays I choose to brunch at places in the heart of downtown Charleston or on East Bay St., but because my appointment on that rainy Tuesday finished and started within 20 minutes, I finally found a no-waiting-in-line reservation at Hominy Grill.  Hominy Grill is a nice & cozy spot on Rutledge Ave. that the locals love to go to, and I have been avoiding because of the large crowds they have on weekends. With that said, the breakfast & coffee was absolutely what I needed on that rainy Tuesday... and the grits made me convert from a non lover to absolutely obsessed.
^^the grits are just salted with butter, but oh so good^^
^^blackberry jam? yes please!^^
^^and of course we had to try a special.  this is a nice twist between
a classic chicken biscuit (with a poached egg) and a pot pie.
it's great because the gravy isn't heavy, but you leave feeling content^^

On rainy days (or any days), take me to Hominy Grill.

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