Columbia Museum of Art Gala 2014

The Columbia Museum of Art (CMA) is showcasing an exhibition of Japan and the jazz age for spring.  To welcome their temporary guest, they hosted a "Geisha to Gatsby" themed party where socialites from all around the city got together to get a sneak peak of some of the great art.  I was lucky enough to catch the event when I was in town with a few fabulous people that my sister works with.  The CMA did a wonderful job taking two different time periods and smoothing them into one event with big lit tents, Japanese food, dessert tables of macarons + cakes, and a show presenting the different types of dances in that era.  Sometimes it's fun to get all dressed up and have some quality time with friends.  I'm not going to lie, pretending like I was born in the 20's came easier than I ever thought it would.

A little party never killed no body.

ps; Check out the exhibit!

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