A New Orleans Weekend

New Orleans was always one of those places to me.  It was included on the "places I want to visit but will probably never plan a trip there" list (along with Nashville + Portland).  Thankfully, this beautiful gem got engaged, and planned her {beyond wonderful} wedding in New Orleans... giving me the opportunity to experience a city I've always wanted to visit and be able to celebrate with her.  Although fairly cloudy during the couple of days we were there, New Orleans carries a vintage feel- making it very similar to Charleston.  The French-like buildings made it seem like we were in another country, and the Quarter blasted me to those times in Paris and Madrid.
^Masks everywhere!^

^Victorian-like breakfast cafes with a southern twist^
^For those of you who know me personally, this is a BIG DEAL! Two years ago, I made a Bucket List and eating a beignet was on it.  Lucky for me, I got to have one at
^Street shows at the French Quarter^

^One of my favorite parts.  Streets filled with this beautiful music^

^Years of Mardi Gras beads in the trees^

^A glimpse into Emily's wedding^
I love you dearly my beautiful friend! Congratulations again!