Superbowl Sunday

Super bowl Sunday is usually a tradition at my house because the men in my family are always watching football.  The last time we threw a party for the occasion was 2004, when the Panthers went head to head with the Patriots and unfortunately lost.  This year, we decided to rekindle the idea, and the moment I heard, I knew I would be driving back to my parent's house. Food for days in football-shaped plates, but as always, the best of all was being able to spend such a wonderful time with all who attended.  Some familiar faces from 2004, but new faces as well.  
^^^So many of my favorite people in one picture!
^a big congratulations to the newly engaged!!
^this beautiful girl
^^going for a team that decides to score in the last quarter....
^^^pre-Superbowl game of Guesstures with the little ones,
she's clearly stressing out :)

firepits & cheesecake
^^ an absolutely DELICIOUS cheesecake by Sura!!
Thank you so much, I wish I had another to eat in Charleston!

Although the game was filled with dull moments, the accompaniment was all that we really needed.  With that said, here's to hoping that the Panthers make it to the Superbowl next year, and if not, at least someone give us a good game!

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