New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2014

Over winter break, I had a conversation with a few of my friends about resolutions we would like to work on while this new year was approaching us.  One of those  things included spontaneity - & being able to take advantage of experiences while we were still privileged to do so.  And while this trip happened very last minute, I knew that I couldn't pass up the offer of being invited with my sister to New York fashion week.  Thursday is when I decided to leave Friday for a weekend trip that I will always remember.  If NYFW was this much fun just for a weekend, I can't imagine how amazing the rest of week will be.  My sister is fortunate enough to experience the whole thing, but as for me, my spontaneity had a time limit due to graduate school. The flashing lights, the unforgettable designs, the celebrities, and the overload of fun will not only be stained as a memory I will never forget, but will also be used as evidence to why everyone could use some "last minute" in their life. 
^^revisited doughnut plant after our last trip to NYC
and wow, their oatmeal donut is somewhat of a masterpiece^^
^^18 degrees and frozen lakes^^
^^hello, fall 2014^^
^^front row at Rebecca Taylor^^
^^weekend mornings spent at Chanel with L'aduree macarons
some of my favorite things^^
^^if you've never tried Tibi, you should^^
^^snake skin leggings + new coffee shops^^
^^had to go back to Alice's teacup, and have their delicious raspberry + ginger scone
with some hot tea^^
^^beautiful expo from Band of Outsiders: also, those are people^^
^^central park fabulousity^^
And while back in August I bade farewell to New York, I never thought that in a few short months I would return for an iconic event such as fashion week.  If I could spend everyday of my life being thankful for what I have been blessed with, it still would never be enough.

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