Five Things (on Valentine's Day)

Vivienne Westwood & her popular shoes 
Today has so far been a very interesting day.  It started out kind of rough, but I'm hoping it has a sweeter ending (no pun intended).  After a couple of days off from the fake snow, I really got to catch up on my school work that I've been neglecting from fashion week.  Sometimes it's nice to sit at home and have no real obligations-- and for me that means spending a lot of time watching movies, and a lot of time in the kitchen.  On that note, I hope everyone is having a fabulous day/night & is spending it with the one(s) they love.  As for me, my family is continuing the tradition of spending valentine's day together (lucky me!) and we are going to eat some delicious Lebanese food. Happy Valentine's Day!
A sweet old-school valentine from my dear friend

Nars' Cruella + Indian red are my go-to

This has graced my dresser since last Valentine's Day.  
Perfect reminder of feeling loved everyday.

Conversation heart cookies
3 days to make, but totally worth it