Things I'm Lovin' on

I'm starting to find it extremely difficult to convince myself to spend money on things that I don't actually need right now.  Especially because my weekends are starting to require lots of 'going out' time, it seems as though my priorities would be a bit out of line if I were to indulge in everything I looked at.  I come across things that I know I want eventually, but then realize that when I can actually purchase them, I forget what they are.  With long lists compiled from magazines, advertisements, blogs, & window shopping...this is my attempt at keeping track of the things I'm lovin on. 

1. Spending some QT with my cousin has really blasted me back to the late 90's/early 2000's when Enrique Iglesias was at his prime.  Literally-- Rhythm Divine, Balimos, & Be With You will always be my jam.  {yes, I do realize it's only $8 and I should be ordering it right now}
2. I saw this beautiful confetti line in Elle Magazine.  A little pricey, but the perfect touch to a room.
3. I fell in love with this necklace the moment I laid eyes on it.  Cleopatra styled with Egyptian coins.  Just what I need, another necklace, right? 
4.  Everyone knows about my obsession with baking, but these tiered stands take me back to New York in Alice's teacup when I had the most delicious scones, biscuits, and eggs on a tiered plate.