There has been a huuuuge magnet increase on our fridge since March of 2013, when I shared my love for sticky grams and how they add the perfect touch to our apartment. Now that the space on our fridge is becoming limited, I thought I'd snap a few photos of how it's turning out... and also to inform everyone that my sticky gram obsession is still very much intact.  Since instagram has become somewhat of an outlet to show-off your favorite (and best!) pictures, it only makes sense to get a copy of them to add a personal touch to our kitchen.  I'm even in the middle of trying to decide how many more I'd like to order this month.

Just a reminder- sticky grams come in sets of 9 magnets/sheet, but on a few occasions they offer deals where you can pay for 2 sheets and get a third one for free.  Right now they are running that exact special OR 5 magnet sheets for the price of 3 (woah, 60 magnets).

If you're interested in buying sticky grams, click here to buy some.