Michael's Genuine Food & Drink | Miami, FL

If you're ever down in Miami, I'd like to share this great surprise with you.  Michael's Genuine Food & Drink is located in the Miami Design District, and is a different kind of place to brunch. Each plate is made as a snack size, and a few items on the menu rotate, but the best part is that everything is made with local ingredients.  The restaurant is located between two buildings, and gives off a relaxing feel when sitting in the courtyard.  I recommend to go and order as many plates that look appetizing to you, or you can just ask the waiters, in which case they all know exactly what to bring you.  Here are my must trys:
I hate mushrooms.  But this is too legit. 
A nice slice of sourdough with scrambled eggs, goat cheese, mushrooms, and scallions.

Banoffee pie takes me back to Jordan- especially because the first time I ever heard about it was this past summer.  Bananas, whipped cream, sugar, and graham crackers, stuffed in a jar.
Also, we all know how much this family loves pecans & sticky buns.

All fresh squeezed juices that can be tested in shot glasses.  
Pineapple & orange combined was my favorite.

Coolest thing ever.  MGFD's home made pop-tart.
They switch out the filling once a month, but we were lucky to have nutella.
The best for last: the breakfast pizza. Exactly what it looks like.

& when you're finished dining, be sure to take a walk around the district.
The place is filled with stores like Rolex, Gucci, Chloe, Louis Vuitton...
and if you can't afford any of it, it's ok just look.

You may be lucky like us and run into Lebron James.

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