Italian Night

After break ended, my mother decided to throw a beautiful dinner party for new friends in town.  As I was contemplating heading back to Charleston, I knew that the music, smells, and atmosphere of my house before guests arrived convinced me to stay an extra night.  "Pasta night" is somewhat of a tradition in my house, especially because my father learned how to make this great pasta when he waited tables back in college, and finally gives my mom a break from cooking.  Our house was filled with scents of rosemary and tomatoes, and essentially felt like we had brought a piece of Italy into our house in Columbia.

Is anything more soothing than the voice of Andrea Bocelli in the walls?

Pillar candles graced our fireplace for a yellow-light ambiance.

And for the stars of the show--
Two kinds of pasta, smoked salmon, garlic bread, and a variety of salads

I am the first one to make an original dessert, especially when there's a dinner party...
but this time we decided to buy a pre-made tart from Trader Joes
and it was definitely a must buy. Especially if you like a mix of sweet & tart.

A typical night in the winter ends with hookah, bonfires, and sage tea.
But the best part was being able to initiate new friends into our life 
& sincerely enjoy their company of being around.

Cheers to new friends, new adventures, and as always, great food & family.

ps; Happy MLK day!