A Snow Day

It was 67 degrees on Monday.
Only in a place like the Carolina's will you find such hot & cold weather.  In the past few days, schools shut down, work was cancelled, and alerts were sent out for power outages.  I'm sure the people up north were looking down and laughing at how unprepared we are for snow and how much of an emergency it is for us.  For me, quarantined in my apartment was a good and bad thing- it forced me to continue my study cards for school, but also contributed to a great deal of laziness filled with playing Mario and catching up on TV shows.  
Fuzzy socks & Trader Joe's Chicken & Barley Soup 
accompanied me on Tuesday
& then after being stuck inside for what seemed like forever
we decided to go to a snow day concert.

So thank you snow for being extremely over exaggerated to the point where my Thursday is my Monday, and my Friday is still my Friday. Hope everyone is staying safe & warm!

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