2013 in Review

The best part of a new year is being able to reflect back on all the memories you have experienced for the past 12 months.  To evaluate how much you've changed or grown as a person.  To see what you would do the same or differently if it were to happen all over again.  Each year that passes seems like it goes by in an instant, and while most of the time some memories seem like the other day, it's nice to  reach a memory or two that felt like forever ago.  It shows me that some things are appreciated in the moment they happen rather than after the time has passed.  The places I've been, the experiences I've had, and the friends I have sustained are enough accomplishments for me to look back and realize that I am happy.  While most people make a list of resolutions before the next year hits, I am just happy to be happy.  I have been so blessed each year that sometimes it seems like it isn't real.  2014, I hope you'll do the same.

Happy new year everyone! 
All I hope is that this year keeps you happy & healthy.

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