The Holiday Festival of Lights

If you ever find yourself in Charleston around the beginning of November to the end of December, then you must go to the Holiday Festival of Lights.  James Island park dedicates itself to be the home of a light-filled winter wonderland with 2 million lights and several beautiful spectacles.  After a few scheduling conflictions, my room mate and I headed down to James Island just to see where all the national recognition was coming from.  The moment we pulled into the gates ($15/car) we realized that this was no over exaggeration.  The entire park is a drive thru, with 3 parking lots that are offered to enter the different villages.  They include walking paths, gift shops, merry-go-rounds, bonfires, & tons of delicious food & treats (s'mores!) if you decide to spend some time there. 

^^and we naturally had to buy a s'mores kit.
Although they are only lights, there is something magical about a dark area being lit by different colors.  It almost takes the stress out of life for just an hour, and gives you a sense of rejuvenation.

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