Sundays are for Brunch

Ever since I was a little girl, Sundays meant huge family get togethers & brunch buffets. My siblings and I would wake up from excitement, run down the stairs, and help my mom create combinations of sweet + salty before our guests arrived.  It's little moments of my past that I miss the most.  While I have grown up throughout the years, my heart is still stuck on the happiness of brunch.  It has become my routine in Charleston.  If someone is in town on Sunday... we must brunch.  And if no one is in town, I must make my own.  I wake up early on Sunday, grab my pumpkin spice coffee, turn on a Disney movie, and make my brunch.  I swear I still think I'm a child. 

If you have been lucky enough to try brunch at my house, 
you'll remember these well:

Hope you all have a fabulous Sunday! xo