NYC with my persons

As a present for my sister's graduation, we decided to take a {much needed} girl's trip to New York.  The city that never sleeps welcomed us with open arms, delicious food, and a couple of Broadway shows that made this trip one that I will never forget.  Our non-stop adventures were some I would never be able to take if I had gone with anyone else, and for that reason these two will always remain my persons.  Luckily, our 4 day trip felt like 2 weeks (with lack of sleep, subway escapades, and getting lost around the city) and my view of New York has changed for the better.  I'm already counting down the days until I get to reunite with this city again, but more importantly with two people I love very very dearly.
^^pillow decoration on the wall at Doughnut Plant^^
^^subway entertainment^^
^^biking through central park^^
^^up early for the Today Show with Chris Brown!^^
^^cutest breakfast spot- alice's teacup^^
^^right behind all the action^^
You're probably wondering, "that's weird, no pictures of food?" 
but don't you worry, they'll be up soon.