Favorite Restaurants in New York City

One of the best parts about New York City was our food.  Prior to leaving, we came up with a list of places we wanted to visit... all accumulated from TV shows, word of mouth, and different articles in newspapers and magazines.  At each restaurant, we ordered 1-2 dishes to share so that we would be hungry again for another place on our list of 40.  At the end of the trip, we were ecstatic that we crossed out more than half.  The list below contains our favorite must-go restaurants from that list.
Hot & Crusty Bagel - Koffeecake Corner cappuccino
Biking around Central Park was one of my favorite things about New York City.  Being able to enjoy greenery in a city of buildings is breath taking.  On our adventures from Broadway to Upper East Side, we were lucky to come across a bakery filled with hearty bagels and pastries, and a coffee place where baby elephants are carved into the foam of cappuccinos and nutella lattes are a real thing.  

Hampton & Chutney Dosa (#9)
What an adventure this restaurant put us through, but the reward at the end was priceless.  This was probably my favorite of all, an Indian sandwich shop in SoHo.  After a long day of going through China Town, we followed Siri to the corner of Prince and Crosby street, where we found a packed cafe with people eating long sandwiches.  If the variety on the menu doesn't already sell you, maybe the 5 home made chutneys will (peanut, cilantro, curry, mango or tomato). Oh, and they have watermelon juice, lavender lemonade, and cardamom coffee, too. 

Peanut Butter & Co's The Elvis
Right after our trip to Hampton and Chutney, we walked to Bleecker St. upon recommendation by Abir.  My sister and Abir have this weird obsession with peanut butter, so I knew that I needed to be prepared for where we were headed next.  The entire menu is made with different kinds of peanut butter (I'm sure you've seen his stuff sold by the jar at Harris Teeter, or Publix).  Needless to say, we didn't share anything at this restaurant.  We got 3 different sandwiches and ate them for dessert.

Tartine's Spicy Chicken & Fries - Potato Gnocchi
This cafe was our first stop in New York.  Located in the West Village, Tartine is a restaurant that can only hold about 15-20 people inside.  When first walking in, we looked at each other in confusion, wondering if we were in the right restaurant that has gained national recognition on Food Network's Best Thing I Ever Ate.  It's obvious that Tartine is for the locals, everyone around us sharing small talk as if Greenwich village was something so common to them.  Not only do I recommend both dishes, I recommend eating them both in one sitting. 

Doughnut Plant's Peanut Butter & Banana donut
I am not a big fan of donuts.  I grew up around Krispy Kreme's and Dunkin Donuts for as long as I can remember in South Carolina.  It was always the pastry that I would eat if it were in front of me, but I would never request for one.  My viewpoint on donuts has completely changed after Doughnut Plant.  Go there and order everything. 

Alice's Teacup homemade granola & pumpkin scone
If you love Disney, tea, and home made everything delicious then this is the place for you.  Alice's Teacup wasn't originally on our list, but was the perfect gem to find before heading to L'aduree for macarons.  This little quaint place looked like an old french country side inn with mismatching tea cups and silverware that gave it a nice feeling of home.  There is a book filled with different teas depending on your mood, and you will have a hard time choosing between each thing on the menu.  As for me, I ordered the 3-tiered breakfast so I could try the eggs, pumpkin scone, and the homemade granola (which is hands-down the best granola I've ever had).

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