i'm going home

I've been MIA the last couple of weeks, and feel like I've neglected this blog.  Thankfully, I am back with full force-- this morning was the beginning of my trip overseas (iA).  I haven't been to Jordan since summer of 2011, and for me that's quite a while... but the special part about this trip is we (the family) have organized our summers to be sure that we will all be there together.  The feeling of being in Jordan is something that is indescribable.  It takes me away from all of the problems, worry, and stress, and transports me over to a place where sitting at home brings such a simple happiness.  The quality of life is far greater than the "real world" in america... so with that said, goodbye USA- I won't see you for quite some time (& i'm totally ok with that).

Thought this was a cute idea for how my morning and day have gone so far:
 We are just sitting here in Chi-town now waiting to board.