five things

This summer has been the perfect balance of adventure & relaxation.  The beauty of Ramadan has beamed so greatly this month, and I can't believe that in such a short time it will all be over.  Thankfully, these days have been just what I needed this year... short distances between family, and great nights out with friends.  It's safe to say that yet again this city has erased my present troubles, and has rejuvenated me to take on the life I left at home (well not just quite yet, maybe in a few more weeks).  Five things in Jordan-
You know that feeling when you shower your hair, and it looks great-- and then every day after that, it kind of sucks? Well here's my solution to the problem- pin everything up & add a barrette at the bottom.  
I'm really crushing on this one & this one! swoon
Love the display of spices in the markets.  Big roped bags filled with anything you could ever think of.

Birthday bling! Big thanks to Aarean, author of the color issue for giving me the opportunity to buy a birthday gift for myself, as well as my sister, cousin, and wonderful parents!
Mini tarts are the ideal after iftar dessert.  The size of each tartlette is the perfect bite of sweetness we all need after eating a meal.  These are found at La Mirabelle
Everyone this summer will know me by my new floral, fruity, & only scent in Jordan, 
SeeBy Chloe.