Twenty-four... really? How is it that I'm 24 and still act like an annoying tween.  These days are just flying by... I can't believe it's been a year since my sentimental 23rd birthday post.  I am so thankful for how wonderful these years have been to me.  When they say these are the best years of your life, they weren't kidding.. and every year is the same story- I always believe that I'm going to be stuck at this age forever, and never grow up.  Well for now, 20-somethings are usually all the same.. I think 25 is when people start realizing that they are half way done with 20-something and are closer to 30-something.. yikes.  So if that is the case, cheers to the one more year I have left before having to grow up.. and to hoping that 24 is better than 23 {which will be hard to beat}.

Thank you to all the close people 
that spent my birthday with me this year, I love you all.
Thank you to Amman, Jordan for always making it seem
like my troubles are so distantly far away.

24... jeez.