a few of my favorite things

Over the past year, I've been trying to come up with a list of must-haves that I use on a daily basis.  Now with summer peeking in, I've generated those few things that I cannot go more than a day without using (or thanking myself for buying).  These things have been chosen through a variety of trial & error products, and then were carefully chosen as non-rotating items in the basket under my skin.  So here we go...
Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel
{unisex product}
Papaya & grapefruit extracts come together to form the perfect cleanser for your face.  You know those days when you feel like you're so tired all day? Well this product will not only wake you up... it takes off make up, and removes all oils and dirts that have compiled on your face.  What's the best part about it? 
It's only $12

Hot Tools Nano Tapered Iron
This iron almost replaced my Bedhead curling iron completely {which is a lot to say, I loved that thing}.  This tool is perfect for making those Lauren Conrad  beach waves we all wish we had naturally.  I mean, a girl can dream right? Or I guess she wouldn't have to, if she just owned one of these...
On sale! $54.99

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment 
{unisex product}
This chapstick/lip balm is made with real sugar, and has an SPF of 15.  It's so great that my dad even asked if he could have mine... This is perfect for summer & winter, and is a must have to keep in your pocket or purse.  Also, if you desire different colors, they have that too!
$22.50 and totally worth it

Benefit They're Real! Mascara
Lengthens, curls, separates, and volumizes eye lashes... what more could you ask for? Us girls spend a lot of time trying to decide between the mascara that lengthens, or the one that curls.  Well no need to look any further! This one does all that and more.  Not to mention, it took me 8 different mascara trials to find this one, so it's pretty much legit.
$23 for the reg. size -- $10 for the mini

Josie Maran Sunscreen SPF 30
{unisex product}
This is an ALL NATURAL sunscreen.  Do you know how hard it is to find every day wear sunscreen? Nearly impossible.  Not to mention all the natural ones feel like lotion is being rubbed all over your face. This one contains Argan oil, which gives your face that glow that everyone loves.  It is so awesome, that it's sold out at Sephora... and it's nearly impossible for me to find a link online where you can purchase it.  If that doesn't show how great this product is, I don't know what will {other than my sun protected face- which I also wear in the winter time by the way}.
If you're lucky & find it, it's $24
if you don't the SPF40 is $32 

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