smokey eye with the naked 2

So I'm kind of obsessed with Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette.  I bought it a few weeks ago, after a recommendation from a friend, and now it's getting a little difficult to alternate between using those and my Nars ones.  The variety of colors from taupe to beige sold me after debating between Naked 1 & 2, but I must say it is my favorite eye shadow palette.  With that said, I have decided to do a tutorial on doing a smokey eye with the naked 2, hope you enjoy!
1// For my eyeshadow primer, I use Nars 'Pro Prime'
but if you prefer to use another kind, feel free.

2// Make sure you don't extend the shadow above your natural socket.

3// Tip: if you apply blackout slightly higher than your socket, 
it will make your eye look bigger!

4// Be careful when applying shadow under the eye, 
try and keep it on the other corners & in line with your brown line.
5// Foxy is used here to blur any harsh lines, so apply as needed
Verve is necessary when doing a smokey eye, 
it balances the harsh blacks & the darker silvers

6// I used MAC's liquid eye liner, which I swear by!
However, I also used Sephora brand mascara, but I'm in the process
of switching to something else, so if you have recommendations
please let me know

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