saturday on shem creek

The end of the semester is starting to wrap up, but unfortunately for the students it means it's all about the studying.  The beginning of April started out so rough- especially with my exams being consecutive all week.  Thursday, I broke down into tears and felt completely defeated by being so overwhelmed.  Fortunately for me, the perfect cure was on it's way Friday morning, to help get me out of my funk. A visit from two people who always cheer me up.
We had some fun in Shem Creek- an area over the bridge in Charleston.. where we spent our Saturday in the sun eating brunch and enjoying the views of the creek.  Sometimes it's the little things in life that help us over come our sorrows, and make us realize that there are things worth smiling about.  

Thank you Aya and Ghadir for being my rocks this past weekend-
It is always a pleasure having you guys around xox