five things

{adorable heart shaped sugar cubes - they can be found on etsy too!}
{look what i finally got! my most wanted jcrew bracelet
also seen here & here}
{new collection of NARS eyeshadows}
{brazil; kuala lumpur; arabian nights}

{a delicious breakfast of whole grain, maple syrup pancakes i will miss dearly from
zink american kitchen}

{gorgeous sunset in panama city beach}
This past week was spent in Florida with some of my closest friends for spring break.  Every year, me, my sister, and group of friends head out to Florida to take a break from reality- and for the third time, we decided on panama city.  All the previous years I spent on spring break were mainly about the place we were going.  We wanted to make sure we didn't go to the same places over and over, but after this year I realized it's more about the company we spend our time with that really matters.  Getting back into the groove of things has been a little bit tough, especially because a week never seems like enough with people who I love as much as family.  As we have gotten older, our priorities in life have changed- but one thing will always remain the same, and that's our eternal friendship. 

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