valentine's day

Valentine's day is one of my favorite holidays.  Anything that consists of flowers, chocolates, and love already has my full blown attention.  This year Valentine's Day fell on a Thursday-- not the best day of the week for me because I have a long work shift and then a 3 hour class right after.  My room mate and I planned on coming home late and stocking up on sale candy from CVS, but to my surprise my parents came to town and took me out to dinner instead.  Because this holiday is usually shadowed by sweet treats, some people forget that the entire point of this day is to be around someone you love.. lucky me because I got to be around two!
{shrimp scampi at Mercato on Market St}

 {valentine's day roses}
 {one of my favorite things ever; godiva chocolate covered strawberries}
{my parents are the best}

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