do you have a 'person'?

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Sadly, a few things have been taking over my life along with school and work-- it's called Netflix.  Not only is it Netflix, but the TV show Grey's Anatomy that has become my guilty pleasure over nights of studying.  I couldn't help but realize the priceless bond between Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang.. both portrayed as each other's soul mates in the TV series, no matter what man is in their life at the moment.  Because of their harsh exteriors, each character refers to the other as their "person".  The person that they write down as their emergency contact, the person they can be their good or bad self around, the person they talk to when they need reassurance that their bad mistakes are not as bad as they are. I couldn't help but wonder..
does everyone have a "person"? 
After thinking about it for a while, I realized that I have two "persons"
(not including my parents of course..)  
One being my sister {which was obvious}

and the second being my room mate from college {who I just visited in greenville}
So maybe the relationship between Meredith and Cristina isn't a fabricated one made just for TV and film.  It's comforting to know that all the time I thought was being wasted on Netflix was actually helping me realize what great people I have in my life! So what do you think? Is this idea for real or faux for show? And if it's real, are you lucky enough to have a 'person'?