a trip to greenville + asheville

My old roomie and best friend came to visit the south on Friday (all the way from Milwaukee!) The second I heard the news, I made it a point to go and visit her.  That required a stop in Columbia- to  head over to Greenville, SC, where we spent our entire day on Saturday.  We also took the time to go to Asheville to enjoy the scenic views and great food.  Our day was spent eating, taking pictures, and reminiscing on the good times when we were in college and fearless.  All of a sudden, a feeling I once felt before (on my 23rd birthday) reappeared. Nothing is better than an old friend.
{her family spoiled us with pumpkin pancakes + 
egg, avocado, & pepperjack cheese sandwiches}

{hangin out in asheville}

{oh by the way, check out that haircut!}

{such a great indian streetfood place- Chai Pani}

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