my breathtaking views

Ever since I was a child, I was constantly traveling around the world.  My parents are firm believers of learning through experience, and I am so blessed to have cultivated other places and cultures because of them.  These are a collection of some of my favorite photos that help me relive each of those breathtaking experiences.
{Lake Como}
{Sunset in Cancun}
{Where 2 oceans meet- in Gibraltr, Spain}
{Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain}
{Once in a lifetime opportunity: White whale in Honolulu, Hawaii}
{Times Square lights}
{Venice, Italy}
{Santa Marinella, Italy}
{Red Sea- Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt}

{Milan, Italy}
As I grow older, I hope to give my children the gift of learning through travel.  I would like to thank my parents for these wonderful experiences, and giving me these moments that I will keep in my heart (and mind) forever.

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