left vs. right brain test

Have any of you taken this brain test? It helps determine if you're a left or right brain thinker.
Since most of my days are spent at school, and all of my studying is on psychology, I thought I would share this neat test with you.

Watch the girl in the dancing video, and try to figure out if she's turning clockwise or counter clockwise.  Maybe you see it as both, which also has a cool result too. 
If you see her turning counter clockwise (like most people do), you are more of a left brain thinker.  
If you see her turning clockwise (like I do), you use more of your right brain.
Occasionally, I can see her turn counter-clockwise for a few seconds (on a good day!)

Some right brain thinkers do some mental math (activating the left side of their brain) and then can see the dancer spin counter clockwise as well. It's kinda cool, don't ya think?

Some information on the Left + Right Brain Functioning

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