chocolate chip cookies

This chocolate chip cookie recipe has been flirting with me for quite some time now.  I've seen it listed almost everywhere, and the moment the New York Times crowned it the "Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie", I knew I needed to try it immediately.  After I babbled about how excited I was to my cousin, she insisted that we try them out together {we like to think of ourselves as pro-bakers}.  We even got some help from the little ones {who are pro-mess makers}..
Now I'm sure all of you are wondering if it really is the "Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie"... and the responses we got were different from each person. It was split evenly down the middle on whether this recipe deserves the title, but it definitely won overall when it comes to uniqueness.  I, on the other hand, loved every part of it.  The sea salt added the perfect touch to the bittersweet chocolate {others hated that part}.. but as for the kids...