Eli's Table | Charleston, SC

A few Sundays ago, my sister, room mate, and I went to brunch at Magnolia's.  The second I took a bite of their delicious food, I knew that Sunday brunch would be a routine when visitors came for the weekend.  This past Sunday, my sister & friend came by to spend the weekend with me.  After searching for the perfect brunch menu that combined sweet + salty options.. we decided to have brunch at Eli's Table on Meeting Street.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to taste the food because I was recovering from a sinus infection- but from what I heard their food was amazing.  Just by looking at their plentiful options, I knew this would be a place to revisit on Sundays.  My sister was so excited that her second brunch in Charleston was a success, and now looks forward to our next brunch adventure.  Till then!

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