aunt bessie's roasted potatoes

This post is brought to you in part by Aunt Bessie's & Tanya from the UK :

As a busyworking mum I really cherish those precious moments I get to spendwith my entire family around me, but as any other busy mother knows,preparing inviting home cooked meals each night can be hard work.  If you’relike me, then you probably jump at any opportunity to prepare afantastic, home cooked meal for your clan, without having to slaveaway in the kitchen for hours every evening after a busy day at work.  Although Ilove a shortcut when it comes to the food I buy, I would never compromise on quality in order to be able to prepare a meal morequickly. That’s why I was so delighted when I tried Aunt Bessie’s roasted potatoes for the first time. 

They were incredibly easy to prepare, with healthyingredients and, most importantly, great taste!
The other dayI settled down to watch my favourite show when I caught the newAunt Bessie’s advertisement. It made me chuckle to see Margaret andMabel going to any lengths to get a taste of the great home styleroast potatoes. Only a few weekends ago, the in-laws were raving aboutthe Aunt Bessie’s roast potatoes I served, and I must admit that Iwas tempted to pass them off as my own work.
Whilst theruse didn’t last long, my in-laws were instantly converted to using Aunt Bessie’s fantastic creations rather than slaving away tocreate their own roasted marvels. When my mother in-law included AuntBessie’s in her famous Sunday Roast the following week, shecouldn’t believe how easy they were to prepare and just a few days ago rang me to sing the praises of the new Aunt Bessie’s potatoeswhich are basted in duck fat for “added roastiness”. I don’tneed much of an excuse to eat roast potatoes so I immediately wentout and got some for myself!

Whenthe family tucked in that night the extra special roasted potatoes werea huge hit and we decided that they’ll definitely be gracing ourChristmas table this year. I love adding extra special touches ofluxury at Christmas and other occasions that enhance the sense offamily fun – and mouth-watering roast potatoes basted in duck fatare the perfect way to do just that!