Schiano's Pizza | Richardson, TX

The best pizza I have ever eaten lives in a restaurant called Schiano's Pizza in Richardson, Texas.  Trust me when I say I've been to numerous pizza places, but none of them come even close to this one.  The cheese to sauce to bread ratio is something fabulous, and when you eat a bite, you can't stop eating {not to mention they have beef pepperoni..}.  Every time I come to Dallas, I make sure to take at least two trips to this pizza spot and not to mention, we eat the leftovers too. 

After our flight on Tuesday, we met up with the family for the first time at Schiano's, and seeing the kiddies faces when they walked in was priceless. It has been an entire year since we last saw them, and they are just as awesome & wonderful as how we left them.

The pizza, on the other hand, the pizza is more awesome than how we left it. 
If that was even possible.

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