date with little A

Yesterday, I asked my cousin's 7 year old son out on a date.  He was so excited.  I figured it would be a day filled with eating, running around, and playing, so I prepared myself for all the action packed adventures he had planned for us.  First stop was a place called Potbelly, a sandwich shop that little A loves.
But then, to my surprise, when I asked him where he wanted to go next.. he said "Barnes & Noble".  What?? Barnes & Noble?? What kind of child wants to go there? So I figured a story or two and we would be out of there in no time, probably off to the play ground or something.
Fifteen books (mA), and 2 hours later.. little A was done reading.  
And he was so happy.
So happy that he even kissed the girl statue on the way to the car.

I love this boy.  I hope he asks me out on a second date.